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Board Meeting Agenda
September 20, 6:30 p.m.

This will be a virtual meeting open to the public. Please connect early to deal with software updates and other issues so we can start on time.  The waiting room will be open 15 minutes early. Pre Registration is required at this link:

  1. Call to Order (6:30)
  2. Good News Minute
  3. Adopt agenda
  4. Secretary’s Report – approve minutes of 8/30/2021 Board meeting
  5. Treasurer’s Report (6:35-6:40)
  6. Public Comment(s)/Correspondence – (2 minute per person, 10 minutes allotted)
    1.  Guests
    2.  Mail (Jim absent)
    3.  Email  (John C)
    4.  Facebook (Susan)
  7. President’s Report (6:50-7:10)
    1. Introduce New Board Members: Jim Kerler and Candace Diaz (6:50-7:00)
    2. Board vacancy (Stan’s resignation) 1 yr term, ends August 2022: Nomination and election:
      1. Nomination from nominating committee: Tom Krejcie
    3. Overall Strategy for the year 2021-2022 (7:00-7:10)
      1. September and ongoing: Discuss Miljala Channel grant plans/ongoing work
      2. October: Preliminary Committee Goals: Agriculture, Miljala Channel, Habitat, Recreation/Watercraft
      3. November: Preliminary Committee Goals: Residential, City Streets, Town Streets, Sampling, Membership, Public Outreach/Education
      4. January: Finalize Committee Plans for year: Intensive Retreat-like Board Meeting(s)
      5. February-July: Implement Plans
  8. Other Reports – (7:10-7:20)
    1. County representative–Sampling, AIS stations & other (Marisa)
    2. JRLC – Susan
  9. Old Business (7:20- 7:30)
    1. General liability insurance policy (Mike)
    2. Dash Board (Nathan)
  10. New Business (7:30-8:00)
    1. Letter of Support for Jeff Co Soil Builders application for Department of Agriculture grant
    2. Miljala Channel DNR Grant application: discussion and decision (anticipate motion and vote)
  11. Adjourn.  Next Board Meeting:  10/18/2021 6:30pm TBD (Zoom vs City Hall