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Rock Lake Environmental Cleanup April 22nd – May 1st
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Current Status of Rock Lake Fisheries.
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Construction Sites & Water Quality
Who do you contact when you see poor practices?


The area of your property that is within 75 feet of Rock Lake is very important to the water quality of Rock Lake. Please know that there are rules governing what can and cannot be done in this special area. Before you do anything within 75 feet of Rock Lake (including but not limited to cutting of any vegetation, grading of the land, or the construction of buildings, walkways, stairs, walls, etc.) contact the appropriate entity to talk to them about your proposed project. If you live in the City of Lake Mills, contact the building inspector at 920-648-2344. If you live in the Town of Lake Mills, contact BOTH the Jefferson County Zoning Department at 920-674-7130 and the Town of Lake Mills at 920-648-5867.”

Construction Sites & Water Quality; Sediment laden water that runs off construction sites is an issue in our watershed.

Wisconsin Pier Planner; intended to assist waterfront property owners to design and place
a NEW pier that does not require a DNR permit.

Rock Lake Recreational Rules

Boat Transportation and Bait Laws

Safe Boating in Wisconsin: Rules, Regulations, Education (DNR)

Shoreland Rules Summary for Rock Lake

Jefferson County Zoning and Planning Department

Aquatic Plant Management (DNR)

Fishing Regulations (DNR)

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