Korth Park, on Rock Lake, Lake Mills Wisconsin


Master Plan

This Information is from 2001, when this webpage was developed.



Our goal was to assist in the restoration and development of the historic & natural resources of Korth Park. Our summer school class conducted a shoreline survey of vegetation along the northern half of Korth Park. We created a video with the assistance of the Dateline Lake Mills summer school class. We have also created this website with the assistance of Stan Smoniewski and Robert Runte. Many community and county individuals and groups have been of assistance in our projects. We are grateful for the knowledge and expertise which they so generously shared.

Korth Park

Korth Park contains 1300 feet of shoreline, 89 total acres of land. In 1989 Jefferson County Parks identified potential sites for future parks. The Korth farm was one of them. In 2000 Jefferson County purchased the land from the owner, David Korth, hence the name Korth Park.
There are a wide range of opportunities that Korth Park will provide:

  • Protect the Rock Lake shoreline and Korth Bay where bulrush beds provide valuable aquatic habitat for spawning fish and migrating birds.
  • Preserve archeological significant remnants.
  • Preserve the 250 year old oak trees.
  • Support natural and historical education and research with potential interpretive trails. Recreational trails will also be provided. Some trails will handicap accessible. Eventually a trail will connect the Glacial Drumlin Trail to the Park.
  • Provide a great public view of Rock Lake.
  • Restore native prairie, oak Savannah, and wetlands.

Map Of The Master Plan For Korth Park (152k)
Map of Korth Park (Print Quality)

The 2001 summer school class members are listed below:
Jeannie Okray/ Nye and Beth Shropshire
Jason Smoniewski
Jake Russo
John Pawlak 
David Rheineck 
Michelle Dobbratz 
Bobby Schmidt 
Steven Hart 
Peter Brunner 
Kali Johnston 
Jon Atkinson