2024 Legendary Learning

Free Events! Education, Stewardship, and Family Fun

Join us and learn about the natural world in and around Rock Lake and Southern Wisconsin.

 June 19th  6:30 pm – Protecting the Lake and its Watershed
Competing demands for land and water resources is creating new and more serious challenges. Join Thomas Steinbach as he shares his 10 years of experience managing the Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program.
Location: Trinity Lutheran Church, 346 W Pine St, Lake Mills
Tom has spent his entire career working in Water Pollution Control. 
For the past 43 years he has been involved in research and development, and industrial and municipal plant operations and management. 
He holds a Certificate in Water and Wastewater Utility Management from Michigan State University 
and has been a Licensed Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator in the State of Wisconsin since 1982.
He now works part-time at Tall Pines Conservancy, managing the Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program (OWPP). 
In the last ten years OWPP has improved hundreds of acres via Storm Water and Long-Term Agricultural projects 
and thousands of acres via annual cover crop installations and wastewater treatment to reduce phosphorous. more information: Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program, Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program Flyer, and Tall Pines Conservancy

Water Monitoring with Emily Heald

July 9th, 6:30 pm – Hidden Water Creatures-the World within the Water
Emily Heald, Rivers Educator
UW Madison Division of Extension/Natural Resources, more information about Emily
Location: The Fharmacy Public House: 203 N. Main St. Upstairs
When we hear the words “lake” or “river/stream” we often think of fish, frogs turtles and plants.  However did you know there is an entire world within the water that is virtually invisible but forms the basis of the food chain in a lake or stream. Join us to learn about all the critters that play vital roles in lakes and streams that are “hidden” from most eyes.

July 17th, 6:30 pm—Prairie Walk in Korth Park
The Prairie Walk will be lead by:  Kevin Wiesmann – Jefferson County Parks Director, Jared Toro – Jefferson County Parks Natural Resources Specialist & Karen Albrecht
Join us for a walk and talk with Jefferson County Parks Natural Resource Staff and learn about Korth Park’s history, management of the natural areas, and native plant ID. In addition, Karen Albrecht will share her experiences, fun facts, specimens, and seeds to plant Monarch “Waystations”, and hopefully provide some live butterflies to tag and release. She has been raising and releasing Monarchs for over 30 years, and has been involved in Monarch Watch – a scientific study of Monarch Butterflies through the University of Kansas Entomology Department – for 22 years.

August 15, 6:30 pmDon’t Let it Bug You, P J Liesch, Entomologist, Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Insect Diagnostic Lab,
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, More information on the Insect Diagnostic Lab
Location: Trinity Lutheran Church, 346 W Pine St, Lake Mills
Bugs Can be Fun-especially when our presenter, Paul Liesch, is sharing his knowledge and stories. Why are some insects called, “beneficials”? Find out why you need them.

Sponsored by: Rock Lake Improvement Association in partnership with Jefferson County Parks Department