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What is a Lake District?

There has recently been discussion of creating a Lake District for Rock Lake by a group of concerned citizens. This information is being provided as a community service by the Rock Lake Improvement Association.

A lake district is a specialized unit of government designed to manage a lake or group of lakes. One of the major differences between a lake district and a lake association is a lake district’s ability to tax property within the district. A lake district is guided and operated by those that live in or own property in the district. Unlike other governmental units, nonresident property owners have the right to vote and hold office in lake districts.

A lake district’s day-to-day operations are carried out by a board of commissioners composed of elected volunteers and appointed local officials. Districts can be managed by professional staff hired by the district or through volunteers. The financial direction of the district is determined by district residents (electors) at an annual meeting where the district’s priorities, budget, and funding mechanism is determined.  Districts can raise funds through various approaches including: mill rate, a flat fee special assessment, or a fee based on the amount of lakeshore frontage.

There are currently 256 Lake Districts in Wisconsin, with approximately 5 added every year. (insert wi LD map here)

Current Lake Districts in Jefferson County, Wi



Date Established

Funding Mechanism

Number of Properties


Blue Spring Lake Management District or


Lower Spring Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District

15 yrsMill Rate50Volunteer

Rock Koshkonong Lake District   

Lake Ripley Management District

1990Mill Rate2,000


Wisconsin State Resources

• Fifty Years of Working Together to Keep Our Lakes Healthy, Eric Olson, Lake Tides Newsletter, Vol. 48, No. 4, Fall/Winter 2023
•Wisconsin State Statue establishing Lake Districts in Wisconsin; CHAPTER 33 

Information provided by the Lake District Exploratory Committee

“One Voice, Future-Focused, With Resources”

Lake District Formation

To contact members of the Lake District Group more info here.