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RLIA Recommendation to the City Council on Water Levels
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AGENDA July 19, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.
In-Person Meeting, Community Room, Lake Mills City Hall

  1. Call to Order (6:30)
  2. Good News Minute
  3. Adopt agenda
  4. Secretary’s Report – approve June Board meeting minutes
  5. Treasurer’s Report (6:35-6:40)
  6. Public Comment(s)/Correspondence – (2 minute per person, 10 minutes allotted)
    1.  Guests
    2.  Mail (Jim absent)
    3.  Email (Stan & John C)
    4.  Facebook (Susan)
  7. Committee Reports (6:50-7:10)
    1. Water Quality—Agriculture (Nathan)
      -Brew w/ View 7/22 5pm meet & greet w/ Jefferson County Soil Builders
      -Responsibilities: Table (John C), Tent (Jim), Name tags & Sharpies (Patricia, Michelle Probst) Arrive 4PM with tent
    2. Water Quality—Residential (John T)
    3. Water Quality—Streets (Jim)
      -Looking for volunteer to help with leaf-free streets
    4. Water Quality—Miljala Channel (Susan)
    5. Public Outreach & Education (Susan, Stan)
    6. Habitat—Fisheries (Bruce, Cory)
    7. Habitat—Turtles, frogs, other (Mike, Susan)
    8. Membership (See treasure’s report)
    9. Nominating Committee (Jim, Mike, Stan) Discuss & approve nominations
  8. Other Reports – (7:10-7:25)
    1. County representative–Sampling & other (Marisa)
      -Cleaning Station: missing tools (Marisa, Susan and John C)
      -Add RLIA decal/insignia to the AIS Cleaning station signs
    2. JRLC – Stan/Susan, Discuss & approval of disclaimers on Zoning pamphlet posted on website
  9. Old Business (7:25- 7:50)
    1. Bylaws update: send postcards and email to members (Mike, Jim, Susan)
    2. General liability insurance, purchase policy (Mike)
    3. Annual Meeting
      President’s Report (need committee chair activity reports ASAP, new deadline 7/26)
      Treasurer’s Report (Jim)
      Secretary’s Report (Mike)
      Registering and directing attendees (Cory)
      Dash Board (Nathan)
    4. RLIA 50th Anniversary Celebration at Annual Mtg (John C)
      Responsibilities: Photo Board (Bruce & Ralph), MC & Stewardship Award presenter(?), Ordering food & getting it to the meeting (John T), Setting up & serving food (Cory)
  10. New Business (7:50-8:00)
    1. Mission Statement (defer)
  11. Adjourn.  Next: Annual Meeting Upper Korth Park Pavilion, August 21, 10AM-12 noon, food and visiting to follow
    -Next Board Meeting:  Monday August 23, Community Rm, City Hall 6:30pm. Agenda: Review Annual Mtg and elect officers.