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Manage Runoff, Reduce Erosion, Create Habitat

Since 2015, the folks at Healthy Lakes have worked with shoreland owners to determine which practices have proven easy and effective in managing common problems of runoff, erosion and the decline of birds, pollinators, and aquatic wildlife like frogs, turtles and fish. To read more about these practices:

This program has been so successful, it has been expanded this year to include all properties within 1000 feet of a lake’s shoreline!

Last year, 15 Wisconsin counties, 23 lakes and 84 properties participated.  161 of these practices were implemented. Locally, one property and two practices were implement on Rock Lake and 11 practices were implemented on Beaver Dam Lake.  Since its inception, 559 projects have been implemented! Curious to see where all those projects are located?  Check out:

Interested?  Here’s an outline of what happens:

– Set up a site visit with Patricia Cicero at Jefferson County Land & Water Conservation Department / 920.674.7121

– Resources for choosing practices, working with consultants/contractors, as well as sample plans are provided

– Landowner decides which practice they want to install

– A participation pledge is required to be included in the grant application

– Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation Department prepares and submits grant application to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. September 1 is the pre-application deadline.

– Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources alerts Jefferson County if grant is approved.

– Landowner signs contract

– Project plans are developed and reviewed with Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation Department

– Depending on project, permits may be required prior to implementation

– Project is implemented with the landowner tracking their hours to implement the project

– Landowner pays all invoices

– Landowner provides invoices and proof of payment to Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation Department

– Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation Department reimburses landowner for 70% of the total costs up to $1,000.

– Landowner receives a 1099 for tax purposes

– Landowner maintains practice

– Rock Lake benefits as well as everyone else who loves and enjoys the lake!

More questions?  Please contact us at