Rock Lake



RLIA Agenda for Monday, April 15, 2019 at 6:30p.m. Lake Mills City Hall

1) Call to Order

2) Adopt agenda

3)  Good news minute (1 minute timeline per person, 10 minutes allotted)

4)  Secretary’s Report – approve March minutes

5)  Treasurer’s Report

6)  Public Comment(s)/Correspondence – (2 minute timeline per person, 15 minutes allotted)

7)  Committee Reports (5 minutes per report)
a) Water Quality
i) Agricultural – Nathan
ii) Water Quality – Ralph
a) Do we start sampling in May? locations? volunteers? equipment needs?
iii) Public Streets – Jim
iv) Residential – Susan
b) Public Outreach ( communications, education, events & promotions) Susan & Stan i) Update on May event
ii) Update on Brew with a View events
iii) Update on boat tour event
iv) Update on new network platform – Stan
c) Habitat – (committee chair person pending)
d) Membership and Lake Recreation – Bonnie
i) Update on mailing of membership letter

8) Other Reports – (5 minutes per report)
a) County representative – Patricia
b) JRLC – Stan

9) Old Business
a) Finalize plans for environmental clean-up event for late April, early May
b) Continue discussion on Town & Country Days – register with Amer. Legion in May
c) Discuss setting up “storm drain protector” program (pending for more info)
d) Susan’s letter idea to riparian owners – (pending)
e) In-lake clean up – (pending until we identify a pontoon owner willing to assist)

10) New Business
a) Do we make presentation of Lake Management plan to County Board?
b) Do we try to do another Culver’s night?
c) Do we apply to do a Lake Mill’s Market fund raiser?

11) Next board meeting: Monday, May 20, 2019 at 6:30p.m., City Hall
12) Adjournment