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  • RLIA Annual Membership Meeting, August 17th, 10:00 am, Upper Korth Park Shelter, see agenda under ‘Meetings’ column.
  • View the presentation our RLIA President gave to the City Parks Board about how the Sandy Beach Redesign could affect Rock Lake water quality and beach closures.
  • 2024 Legendary Learning, Free Events! Education, Stewardship, and Family Fun.
    Join us and learn about the natural world in and around Rock Lake and Southern Wisconsin.
  • Important information about Turtles in th Rock Lake watershed
  • If you are concerned about water levels on Rock Lake, this presentation is a must see. It was attended by a wide mix of interested Lake Mills residents on 2/1.
  • An update on Lake Mills Fish Hatchery including: a brief history, raised fish, and water usage
  • Millpond Ecology: LWCD presentation to City Parks Board 10/18/2023 / Strand Survey 2018: Dredging options outlined to Lake Mills City Manager
  • View the RLIA public presentation on Water Levels 10/9/2023
  • Review our Waterfront Landowner Reference Guide for better understanding of what one can change on shoreland property
  • Construction Sites & Water Quality: Construction site runoff eventually makes it into Rock Lake and is a significant contributor of sediment and excess nutrients
  • Manage Runoff, Reduce Erosion, Create Habitat! Properties within 1000 feet of our lake qualify for funding assistance to implement Healthy Lakes practices. Read More
  • Rock Lake Improvement Association Volunteer Opportunities!

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Annual Membership Meeting AGENDA
Saturday, August 17th, 10:00 am, Upper Korth Park Shelter

  1. Call to Order
  2. President’s Welcome and Introduction of Board Members
  3. Community Informational Session: Enhanced Wake Technology’s Impact to Inland Waters- John Richter, Last Wilderness Alliance
  4. Stewardship Award
  5. Secretary’s Report/Approve minutes of 2023 Annual Meeting (see link for detail)
  6. Treasurer’s Report /Approve — year end December 31, 2023 (see link for detail)
  7. President’s Report
  8. Jefferson County Land & Water Conservation Department Report
  9. Discuss & Approve Bylaw Updates (see link for detail)
  10. Election of New and Returning Board Members
    1. Nominating Committee Candidate Slate
    2. Call for nominations from the floor x 3, Motion to close nominations
    3. Candidate statements (up to 2 min each)
    4. Vote
  11. Membership Input to the Board
  12. Adjourn Business Meeting
    1. Next Board Meeting to elect officers: 8/19
    2. Next Annual Meeting 8/16/2025, 10 am, Upper Korth Park Shelter
2022 Rock Lake Stewardship Award
2022 Rock Lake Stewardship Award


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