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Thinking of Shoreland Changes? Read this first…
Waterfront Landowner Reference Guide
RLIA Recommendation to the City Council on Water Levels
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  • Important information about Turtles in th Rock Lake watershed
  • If you are concerned about water levels on Rock Lake, this presentation is a must see. It was attended by a wide mix of interested Lake Mills residents on 2/1.
  • Check out the required DNR environmental study summary which must be completed before they consider a request by the City to change Rock Lake’s Water Level Order. Note: The City has NOT made that request yet.
  • An update on Lake Mills Fish Hatchery including: a brief history, raised fish, and water usage
  • Interested in understanding how Wisconsin’s lakes are being affected by changing ice conditions?  Listen to this fascinating presentation by  Zach Feiner, an assistant scientist for the Center for Limnology at the University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin DNR. Start listening at 22:24
  • Millpond Ecology: LWCD presentation to City Parks Board 10/18/2023 / Strand Survey 2018: Dredging options outlined to Lake Mills City Manager
  • View the RLIA public presentation on Water Levels 10/9/2023
  • RLIA comments to the City Council on Water Levels and Sandy Beach Renovation.
  • Review our Waterfront Landowner Reference Guide for better understanding of what one can change on shoreland property
  • Construction Sites & Water Quality: Construction site runoff eventually makes it into Rock Lake and is a significant contributor of sediment and excess nutrients
  • Manage Runoff, Reduce Erosion, Create Habitat! Properties within 1000 feet of our lake qualify for funding assistance to implement Healthy Lakes practices. Read More

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Monthly Board Meeting Agenda
Monday May 20th, 2024 6:30 p.m.
In-Person, Lake Mills City Hall-Community Room

  1. Call to order (6:30)
  2. Good News Minute
  3. Adopt agenda
  4. Secretary’s Report
    1. Approve minutes of 4/15/2024 Board meeting
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Public Comments
    1. Guests (2 minutes per person)
  7. Other Reports
    1. JRLC
    2. LWCD
  8. New Business
    1. Discuss initiating “The Guardians of Lake Mills” FB campaign w/Ad Hoc Committee for Urban Forestry & Management (Susan)
    2. Setup 2024 Annual Stewardship working group
    3. Update on Legendary Learning (Mary Ann)
    4. Update on the Wakeboat presentation to JRLC
    5. Discuss Bylaw changes (Danny)
    6. Discuss Meet & Greet as a kickoff event for the 2024 season
    7. Decide on turtle awareness signs (Susan)
  9. Old Business
    1. Update on membership drive (Tom)
    2. Update on screen recommendation (Tom)
    3. Discuss Direction on projects and outline anticipated resources (All)
    4. Review analytical model for water budget (Susan)
    5. Update on Rain Barrel Workshop (Jim)
  10. Agenda items for upcoming meeting
  11. Next Scheduled Meetings:
    1. Regular Board Meeting: 6/17/2024
  12. Adjourn
2022 Rock Lake Stewardship Award
2022 Rock Lake Stewardship Award


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